Layer 4 – 7 Load Balancing

Edgenexus Load Balancers intelligently direct traffic among healthy servers in order to guarantee always-available applications.

Load Balancing allows you optimise server utilisation, improve application performance and remove single points of failure.

Operating at Layer 7 (the application protocol level) Edgenexus’ advanced load balancing algorithms ensure efficient, intelligent and configurable distribution of your application traffic. Featuring multiple methods of persistence (aka Sticky Sessions), the ability to gracefully add and remove servers from a pool and to create “servers of last resort”, Edgenexus gives you control, performance and resilience.

Edgenexus Load Balancers feature multiple different Connectivity Modes, including;

  • Reverse Proxy
  • High Performance Layer 4 Load Balancing
  • Direct Server Return (DSR)
  • Gateway

Edgenexus makes connections to responding servers faster for a better end user experience. Day to day maintenance is minimal, making Edgenexus a very efficient and all round effective load balancing solution.

CHIME Communications

Edgenexus Load Balancers feature multiple load balancing methods, including:

  • Fastest Server
  • Weighted Server
  • Least Connections
  • Round Robin
  • IP Bound
  • IP List Based
  • Cookie Based
  • Customisable Cookie
  • Classic ASP Session Cookie
  • NET Session Cookie
  • JSP Session Cookie
  • JAX-WS Session Cookie
  • PHP Session Cookie
  • Weighted Round Robin
  • Weighted Least Connections

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