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Compare Azure Load balancing

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Azure Load Balancing

Azure is a fantastic all round cloud platform offering a host of features. The Azure basic load balancer provides a simple load balancing service but it is not a true ADC and as such lacks many of the key features such as Application aware health checking that is required for reliable always on application delivery.

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Compare Azure Load Balancer

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Azure Cloud

Features Azure Edgenexus ADC
Easy to use web interface Partial Yes
Pre-configured application templates No Yes
Built in Appstore to allow easy upgrade and expansion No Yes
High Availability & Clustering No Yes
Basic and Standard Tier VM support No Yes
Network Level L4 load balancing No Yes
Multiple application access with single IP Partial Yes
Hybrid Traffic Distribution No Yes
Scheduling methods No Yes
Multiple Server Persistence methods No Yes
Customised server health checking No Yes
Full Layer7 traffic management No Yes
SSL Termination/Offload No Yes
Content Caching/Compression No Yes
Least Connection Scheduling No Yes
Fastest server Scheduling No Yes
Server Name Indicator (SNI) Partial Yes
WAF Web Application Firewall Partial Yes
Reverse Proxy Partial Yes
TCP Multiplexing/ Connection pooling No Yes
Adaptive scheduling No Yes
HTTP Header manipulation No Yes
HTTP Header content switching Partial Yes
Kerberos Constrained Delegation Support No Yes
Radius Authentication No Yes
LDAP Authentication No Yes
Pre -Authentication No Yes
Single Sign On No Yes
Health Check Aggregation No Yes
Integrated Micro service platform No Yes
Deploy own apps to ADC No Yes
Support for multiple cloud No Yes
On premise Appliance or VM available No Yes
FeaturesAzureEdgenexus ADC
Easy to use web interfacePartialYes
Pre-configured application templatesNoYes
Built in Appstore to allow easy upgrade and expansionNoYes
High Availability & ClusteringNoYes
Basic and Standard Tier VM supportNoYes
Network Level L4 load balancingNoYes
Multiple application access with single IPPartialYes
Hybrid Traffic DistributionNoYes
Scheduling methodsNoYes
Multiple Server Persistence methodsNoYes
Customised server health checkingNoYes
Full Layer7 traffic managementNoYes
SSL Termination/OffloadNoYes
Content Caching/CompressionNoYes
Least Connection SchedulingNoYes
Fastest server SchedulingNoYes
Server Name Indicator (SNI)PartialYes
WAF Web Application FirewallPartialYes
Reverse ProxyPartialYes
TCP Multiplexing/ Connection poolingNoYes
Adaptive schedulingNoYes
HTTP Header manipulationNoYes
HTTP Header content switchingPartialYes
Kerberos Constrained Delegation SupportNoYes
Radius AuthenticationNoYes
LDAP AuthenticationNoYes
Pre -AuthenticationNoYes
Single Sign OnNoYes
Health Check AggregationNoYes
Integrated Micro service platformNoYes
Deploy own apps to ADCNoYes
Support for multiple cloudNoYes
On premise Appliance or VM availableNoYes
Features,Azure,Edgenexus ADC
Easy to use web interface,Partial,Yes
Pre-configured application templates,No,Yes
Built in Appstore to allow easy upgrade and expansion,No,Yes
High Availability & Clustering,No,Yes
Basic and Standard Tier VM support,No,Yes
Network Level L4 load balancing,No,Yes
Multiple application access with single IP,Partial,Yes
Hybrid Traffic Distribution,No,Yes
Scheduling methods,No,Yes
Multiple Server Persistence methods,No,Yes
Customised server health checking,No,Yes
Full Layer7 traffic management,No,Yes
SSL Termination/Offload,No,Yes
Content Caching/Compression,No,Yes
Least Connection Scheduling,No,Yes
Fastest server Scheduling,No,Yes
Server Name Indicator (SNI),Partial,Yes
WAF Web Application Firewall,Partial,Yes
Reverse Proxy,Partial,Yes
TCP Multiplexing/ Connection pooling,No,Yes
Adaptive scheduling,No,Yes
HTTP Header manipulation,No,Yes
HTTP Header content switching,Partial,Yes
Kerberos Constrained Delegation Support,No,Yes
Radius Authentication,No,Yes
LDAP Authentication,No,Yes
Pre -Authentication,No,Yes
Single Sign On,No,Yes
Health Check Aggregation,No,Yes
Integrated Micro service platform,No,Yes
Deploy own apps to ADC,No,Yes
Support for multiple cloud,No,Yes
On premise Appliance or VM available,No,Yes

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