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Load Balancer

Easy to Deploy, Configure and Manage

The Edgenexus Load Balancer has an intuitive GUI which makes configuration a fast, painless experience for experts and novices alike. We are very proud of our User Interface which elegantly combines modern, clean design with a refined navigation.

If you want a networking appliance that you need a PhD to use, Edgenexus isn’t for you.

Our Customers Love the Simplicity of Edgenexus …

“We can manage the devices and traffic rules without complex CLIs, scripts or complicated GUIs. Even colleagues with less load balancing experience and technical knowledge can quickly understand how Edgenexus works."

“The intuitive configuration and ‘dead-easy’ deployment were also significant factors in our purchasing decision.”

"Edgenexus is intuitive and incredibly easy to use, we had it set up, configured and running in minutes."

The Edgenexus GUI

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Easy to manage

Real time Application performance reporting.

Easy to use Pre-Authentication

Advanced load balancing

Setting up services is a breeze with the Edgenexus GUI…

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