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Load Balancer with an
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Easy to Deploy, Configure and Manage

Our Customers Love the Simplicity of Edgenexus …

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Medical Imaging Consultants

“The intuitive configuration and ‘dead-easy’ deployment were also significant factors in our purchasing decision.”

Clever4 is a edgeNEXUS client using advanced load balancers
Clever 4

“We can manage the devices and traffic rules without complex CLIs, scripts or complicated GUIs. Even colleagues with less load balancing experience and technical knowledge can quickly understand how Edgenexus works."

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Chime Communications

"Edgenexus is intuitive and incredibly easy to use, we had it set up, configured and running in minutes."

The Edgenexus GUI

Easy to manage

Real time Application performance reporting

Easy to use Pre-Authentication

Advanced load balancing

Setting up services is a breeze with the Edgenexus GUI

Our Customers

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Overall (4.9/5)

Ease of Use (5/5)

Customer Service (4.9/5)


“Edgenexus is simple to use, extremely scalable and comes at the right price point, all of which make it a great fit for us.”