Compare F5 and Edgenexus load balancer

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F5 have very capable load balancers and Application Delivery controllers

So do we, and its not just because we are better value 😉

Whilst Edgenexus and F5 big IP have comparable features, the implementation and design is very different.
However, these are the 3 key differences:

1. Usability - Its easy to use!

  • We focus on making our products easy to use.
  • There is no point In having features that are so complicated that they are never used in production.
  • Unlike F5, an average user can configure Edgenexus easily, quickly and intuitively without needing any formal training.

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2. Future proofing - ADP platform

  • Nobody can predict the future, and 2020 has taught us to expect the unexpected.
  • We have an integrated App store that allows you to build and deploy new applications and functionality In a fast and agile way, thus providing a platform to solve the problems of today and tomorrow.
  • Would you buy a computer that can only run a single application or a mobile phone without an app store?

3. Cost

  • The market has moved on since F5's heyday. Even large enterprises are under increasing pressure to deliver better value to the business without sacrificing features or performance.

  • We are typically able to save clients 35%-65% of the price of a comparable f5 solution. This is because we are a next generation platform and don't have to support legacy telco technology.

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See how we stack up feature by feature

Feature F5 LTM Edgenexus ADC Notes
Application Traffic Management
Application Health Monitoring
Intelligent Load Balancing
Application Connection State Management
Denial-Of-Service (DoS) Protection WAF Add-On for Layer 7
Full Proxy Reverse Proxy & DSR
IP/Port Filtering
Key Management & Failover Handling
VLAN Segmentation
TCP/IP Optimisation
Application Protocol Support
IPv6 Gateway
Application Delivery Optimisation
RAM Cache & Compression
SSL Offload
Secure Application Delivery
SSL Visibility (Inbound/Outbound)
SSL/TLS Encryption Offload
Application Visibility & Monitoring
Performance Dashboard
High-Speed Logging
Programmable Infrastructure
iRules & iRules LX for Data Plane Programmability flightPATH
iApps for App-level Config Management and Deployment jetPACK
All Active Application Clustering With GSLB Add-On
On Demand Scaling Upgrade and Migrate your Support on Virtual Appliances. Full Performance via Hardware Appliances.
Multi-Tenancy Partitions & Route Domains Via Native Docker Containers
Customised Traffic Steering flightPATH
App Health Monitoring F5 use GTM. GSLB.
IP Geolocation
Auto Failover
DNS Caching & Resolving
DNS server
DNS server
IPv4/IPv6 Support
App Store integration
Run native docker apps
Write custom apps using the Forge

Why Choose Edgenexus ADC?

Intuitive GUI, auto-config and superb user experience in a scalable, cost-effective package. Edgenexus load balancers make complex technology simple.

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“Edgenexus is simple to use, extremely scalable and comes at the right price point, all of which make it a great fit for us.” 


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Commercially speaking, deploying Edgenexus ADC appliances in comparison to f5 saves us between 30k and 40k per year.

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