Microsoft SharePoint

Edgenexus delivers an outstanding, cost-effective, Load Balancer for Microsoft SharePoint.

Easy to deploy, configure, manage and maintain, the Edgenexus for SharePoint has the simplicity and ease of use of a plug-and-play solution, but the performance capabilities to meet even the most demanding traffic profiles.

Key Benefits:

  • Cost Effective And Scalable
  • Full Reverse Proxy Solution
  • Fully Customisable Layer 7 Health-Checking / Monitoring
  • Web Acceleration Features for Improved Performance Across the WAN
  • Powerful Web Traffic Management Capabilities
  • Simple, Straightforward Licencing
  • Hardware or Virtual Appliance
  • Quick To Deploy, Easy To Manage, Instant Results

“We reviewed a number of load balancers to support our 36,000 SharePoint users and chose edgeNEXUS based on value for money and the fact that it fitted into our virtualisation policy. Being a VMware Ready virtual appliance made it very easy to install on our existing VMware ESX platform.”
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