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So what is TMG ?

Forefront TMG (Threat Management Gateway) formerly known as Microsoft Security and Acceleration Server (ISA server) is a Microsoft product that was typically used as a reverse proxy to securely publish internal applications and services to the internet.

It has been heavily used with Exchange, Sharepoint, Lync/ Skype for business and many applications hosted on Microsoft IIS.

What can I do now, What are the alternatives to this?

As always you could build a solution from open source components, although due to the complexity and range of features required this should not be attempted by the faint hearted.

Or you could buy something -There are a number of top end ADC/ load balancers that also offer this with some being too complex and costly and others too simplistic and not fit for purpose.

Edgenexus ALB-X – Load balancer and ADC

The Edgenexus ALB-X has all the features you require for a TMG replacement as standard. Easy to implement and easy to manage.

  • Add a Authentication server – For example LDAP.
  • Create a rule to use it and choose if you want to present a form or basic auth to your users (Customise the form of course ;-))
  • Chose when you want the rule to fire – What URLS etc.

Key features

  • Full Reverse Proxy
  • Pre-Authentication and SSO Single Sign On across applications
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Radius Authentication
  • Customisable login forms
  • Customisable Challenge *
  • Full Logging

Customisable challenge

For example you could only challenge people from certain networks or countries or certain URLs. Even look at the query string and decide what Authentication server to use.

Endless possibilities

Check out our Video and see how easy it is to use, or find out more on our website Pre-Authentication Feel free to test it out for Free on TESTDRIVE or download it for a trial.

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