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Edgenexus ADC vs Amazon AWS Load Balancing

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Edgenexus ADC vs AWS Load Balancer

The AWS platform provides a very potent platform for the virtual hosting of applications and servers. As part of the AWS offering, Amazon has provided users with the ability to use load balancer technology designed by Amazon.

aws load balancer vs edge nexus adc

Some unique features of the EdgeADC

Easy to use GUI

At Edgenexus we believe that there should be no code involved in the use of a product, unless absolutely necessary. So we have no need for code in the EdgeADC unless you want to write monitors using PERL.



When HTTP or HTTPS traffic enters your network, there is often the need to inspect the traffic while maintaining the security requirements of the HTTPS stream. For example, you may wish to redirect traffic based on the URL or the originating IP address, or perhaps even ensure that only specific subnets can access the servers on particular ports or URLs.

Here is where flightPATH comes in, providing you the capability to inspect and determine what to do with the traffic.

The approach from Edgenexus is very different, it’s simple and easy. The flightPATH system has been designed to be very intuitive, with an easy-to-understand GUI-based system – no coding.



EdgeSilo is unique to the Edgenexus EdgeADC. EdgeSilo is a containerized technology that is secured and optimized for running applications within EdgeSilo containers.


App Store

Another unique feature of the EdgeADC is the App Store.

Comparison chart

Have a look at the detailed comparison chart for EdgeADC and AWS Load Balancer

aws load balancer vs edge nexus adc
Amazon Elastic Load Balancers
Application Load Balancer
Classic Load Balancer
Load Balancer Type
Layer 4 and Layer 7
Layer 7
Layer 4/7
Target Type
IP, Instance
IP, Instance, Lambda
Layer 4/7
EdgeADC vs AWS ELB Comparison_

Why Choose Edgenexus ADC?

Intuitive GUI, auto-config and superb user experience in a scalable, cost-effective package. Edgenexus load balancers make complex technology simple.

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