Our Technology

We are very privileged to be partnering with some of the best and most innovative companies in the industry.

Technology Alliances

Our partnership ranges vendors that use some, or all of our technology under an OEM agreement, to market-driven partnerships where we offer integrated,
joint solutions and everything in between.


amazon cloud

Our EdgeADC and allied products, EdgeWAF and EdgeGSLB, are all certified for use on Amazon and available within Amazon Cloud. Please choose the right solution to use from within the Amazon Marketplace. Licensing can be purchased through your nearest Edgenexus partner, or in the absence of a local partner, directly from Edgenexus and utilized using the Bring-Your-Own-License option.


blockapt logo

As with any network-associated software platform, administrators may wish to manage the EdgeADC through a management platform. We have partnered with BlockAPT to deliver a highly efficient and connected solution that offers manageability, configuration, and 1-Click migration technology should one wish to change their load-balancing platform to Edgenexus.

Dell & Dell-EMC

dell 2 logo

A new partnership has been established with Dell. Customers requiring the Edgenexus EdgeADC on Dell Poweredge servers can now purchase the solution through Dell reseller partners.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

We are very proud to partner with HPE and deliver a certified load balancing solution using the EdgeADC and DL Series high-performance HPE servers. The partnership allows us to supply pre-integrated, out-of-the-box hardware-based load balancers coupled with HPE’s acclaimed global support and unbeatable SLAs.

Microsoft Azure

microsoft azure logo

As a Microsoft Gold Partner with Azure certification, the EdgeADC and associated products, EdgeWAF and EdgeGSLB, are all available for deployment and use from the Azure Marketplace. You can elect to purchase the license through Azure or your local partner, and in the absence of a local partner, directly from Edgenexus using the Bring-Your-Own-License scheme.

Microsoft Hyper-V

One of the leading virtualization systems, Microsoft Hyper-V is an ideal environment within which you can use the EdgeADC, Edgenexus’ Load Balancer and associated components. Very easy to install and manage, the EdgeADC provides for a highly cost-effective solution within Microsoft’s flagship virtualization infrastructure. The Edgenexus EdgeADC is Microsoft certified.

Nutanix AHV

Edgenexus' Load Balancer (EdgeADC), Web Application Firewall (EdgeWAF), and Global Server Load Balancer (EdgeGSLB) are fully featured yet easy to use: this means you can worry less about application scaling and resilience and focus more on your business objectives. Nutanix revolutionized application deployments with its Hyper-converged infrastructure and Edgenexus aims to simplify the traditionally complex load-balancing arena. This partnership exploits the natural synergy between the two companies. The EdgeADC is certified Nutanix Ready.

VMware ESX

Undoubtedly, the biggest and probably, the best in class virtualization platform, the EdgeADC is certified to run on the VMware ESX platform. Edgenexus is a VMware TAP partner.