BlockAPT Alliance

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Using APIs, big data and machine learning, BlockAPT delivers the ability to manage the Edgenexus ADC in an easy to understand manner.

BlockAPT’s unique technology also allows administrators to migrate configurations from other load balancers to the EdgeADC platform.


Migrate F5 to EdgeADC in just a few clicks!

With BlockAPT, this process is made a no-brainer. A few mouse clicks, and a few keyboard clacks take you from F5 to the Edge. Check out the video to see just how simple it is.

Deep integration throughout multiple layers of security enables both disparate and legacy systems to work seamlessly together in a single pane solution.

What is MMAR?

Access to security solutions including Threat Intelligence (TI), Endpoint & Email Security, Vulnerability Management, Web Threat Prevention, Automated Migration, Load Balancing, etc is all on one platform simplifying visibility and reporting requirements.


Our BlockAPT platform offers deep integration throughout multiple layers of security enabling disparate and legacy systems to work seamlessly together. Active monitoring of devices and detection of attacks enables you to trigger a faster response using alerts to devices and through communication channels.


We bring together threat intelligence, vulnerability management, device management and incident response management under one platform integrated with several vendors to help our customers significantly lower the cyber risks against their entire digital assets.


Single command & control of your device with automated responses enables vulnerability scans, threat intrusion monitoring and modelling are visible through a single pane ensuring real-time tracking and reporting.


The level of automated control is down to you as our customer. Our incident response solution can be integrated into your change control applications and communication processes to ensure compliance across your ecosystem.