What is the edgeNEXUS App Store?

The edgeNEXUS App Store is a marketplace dedicated to the latest application networking solutions and services including Software Defined Networking (SDN), Application Delivery Control technology (ADC), Security, Containerisation, Network Function Virtualisation (NFV), Big Data and the IoT.

What’s in the edgeNEXUS App Store?

A host of network, security and load balancing plug-ins, applications and feature packs. Unlock advanced technology for application delivery and deploy new networking functionality as and when you need it.

How do I use the edgeNEXUS App Store?

First you need a platform to build upon. If you are an existing edgeNEXUS customer, you can deploy apps directly onto your Load Balancer appliance. Alternatively you can set up a new application delivery platform (Docker?), available from the App Store itself. Once you have your platform, simply select the app or add-on you need and deploy.

What are the benefits of the edgeNEXUS App Store?

The App Store represents the next generation in application delivery and the ultimate in solution flexibility. Why pay for an over-engineered, bloated solution with features and functionality that you don’t need? The App Store allows you to conquer application performance challenges with a solution that is built to your unique requirements.

Browse, buy and deploy feature bundles, additional licences, health checks and add-ons for your ALB-X at the click of a mouse.

I’m an existing edgeNEXUS customer, what cool new stuff can I access?

The edgeNEXUS App Store makes it even easier for our valued customers to add additional functionality to their ALB-X deployments, including:

  • flightPATH Rules: Solve complex, real-world application delivery challenges with our powerful, easy-to-use traffic management rules based engine.
  • Server Health Checks: Ability to create custom health checks for any server application
  • Feature Packs: Unlock additional functionality for your ALB-X Load Balancer with licensable feature packs
  • jetPACKS: Specific application configuration templates to help automate and expedite deployment
  • Add-Ons: Docker based add-ons that can run in isolation on your ALB-X load balancer

How do I access the edgeNEXUS App Store?

The App Store is accessible both directly from your edgeNEXUS load balancer and online.