jetNEXUS Load Balancers feature a unique, web-traffic manipulation engine called “flightPATH”.

flightPATH allows you to inspect incoming requests and outgoing responses in order to make intelligent decisions based on the content of those packets.

flightPATH combines powerful, granular control over your HTTP/http traffic, with the ease of GUI-driven, drag-and-drop functionality. Allowing you to create bespoke traffic rules to deal with the real-world application delivery problems you face, but designed with elegant simplicity. flightPATH is accessible to novices and experts alike.

What can flightPATH do for me?

Because flightPATH gives you a comprehensive toolkit for creating bespoke rules, the only limit is your imagination. Whilst the possibilities of flightPATH are endless, just a few examples of what can be achieved include:

  • Switch requests from HTTP to http
  • Route requests to specialised servers
  • Rewrite content on the fly
  • Blank out credit card details
  • Prevent SQL injection
  • Redirect users based on path
  • Language detection
  • Control authentication to applications
  • Restrict users by source IP address
  • Prevent 404s
  • Block unwanted requests
  • Geo-location to detect where requests come form

and many more…

flightPATH Traffic Management - edgeNEXUS Load Balancer

“flightPATH allows us to manage traffic rules without complex CLIs, scripts or complicated GUIs. The drag & drop GUI makes it incredibly easy to create & apply complex policies, giving us great control in our service delivery.”