Damn Vulnerable Web App Test Drive

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What is it?

Welcome to our test drive – this document will provide you with the information you need to get the most out of Damn Vulnerable Web App (DVWA) test drive in Azure.

Looxy.io is our recommended external testing tool. It can run  a variety of Security (and other tests). Best of all its free! looxy.io

How it works?

The ALB-X has the ability to run containerised applications that can be join together directly or by using the load balancer proxy. This image has 1 already deployed Add-On but you can always go to Appstore the and deploy more.

Connectivity Overview

Virtual machines deployed in the Azure cloud make use of private internal IP addressing (NAT’ed IP’s) in the same way as would be deployed in a standard data centre environment.

dvwa Connectivity

Docker host name / IP address and IP service connectivity

Add-On applications deployed on the ALB-X communicate with ALB-X through an internal docker0 network interface. They are automatically allocated IP addresses from the internal docker0 pool.

A host name for each instance of Add-On application is configured through the ALB-X GUI prior to starting the application. The ALB-X is able to resolve the docker0 IP address for the application using this internal host name. Always use the host name when addressing the application containers – IP’s may change!

Accessing the Test Drive GUI

When you request a test drive a new instance of the DVWA test appliance is created in Azure.

Test drive DVWS

We recommend using the Chrome browser for this purpose. Access the Server

https://host name:27376


ALB-X Add-Ons

Click on Library in the left menu and select Add-Ons. Here you can see the DVWA Add-On that has been deployed on the ALB-X platform.

It has been configured with a container or host name dvwa1 and you can see the 172.x.x.x dynamic docker0 IP address that was allocated when the application was started.

Damn Vulnerable Web App

As it is the DVWA functionality that you are interested in it would make sense now to take a look at the DVWA GUI. The DVWA as you can see from the IP services naming runs on port 80.

DVWA DatabaseSetup

Click on Create / Reset Database

DVWS Create/Reset Database
DVWA login
DVWA welcome page

The default security level for DVWA is “Impossible” so it will not exhibit any vulnerabilities.

Command Injection

We will try exploiting one of the DVWA vulnerabilities. As we can see there is a page in DVWA where we can ping any IP address. Let’s check whether DVWA performs input parameters validation in “Low” security mode. Enter “; cat /etc/passwd” in the IP address input field.

Voilà, we have successfully injected an arbitrary command and got a list of users registered in the operating system.

Damn Vulnerable Web App (DVWA)

A configurable Target web server that can be used to test your WAF and Attack tool

ZAP Web Application Attack Tool

Web Application Attack Tool is a vulnerability scanner based on OWASP ZAP

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