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Currently we have redirect rules in place to ensure that all our domains return to our main site and that all site traffic is delivered securely over SSL.” Ben Tyson, IT Operations Manager, UNITE Group.

“Having technically reviewed the solutions available in the market place, we felt that Edgenexus hit all the functionality of the big players, at a very reasonable price point for the feature set available.”

Ben Tyson

IT Operations Manager, UNITE Group

Edgenexus ALB-X: Advanced Features, Cost Effective, Easy to Use

The Edgenexus ALB-X solution provides UNITE with a future proof platform that can scale to meet growing demand. “We are yet to hit our busiest period which will be late August when students receive their results and visit our website to provision their accommodation. It will be interesting to see the sites performing during periods of peak traffic with the Edgenexus appliances behind them and we have every confidence in them.” Ben Tyson, IT Operations Manager, UNITE Group.

“The flightPATH rule engine was a big win for us. We haven’t explored its full functionality as yet but we’ve been impressed with the power and control it offers .”

Ben Tyson

IT Operations Manager, UNITE Group

Edgenexus ALB-X: Cost Effective, Easy to Use, Great Support

“Our overall experience with Edgenexus has been incredible. The support that we’ve received from the technical team in particular has been exceptional and their willingness to help us succeed in whatever we are doing is fantastic!”

Ben Tyson

IT Operations Manager, UNITE Group

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“Edgenexus is simple to use, extremely scalable and comes at the right price point, all of which make it a great fit for us.” 


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