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Edgenexus Teams with HPE OEM Program to Deliver Load Balancing Solutions Worldwide

Driving application performance with integrated, fully-managed appliance

“The hardware landscape is rapidly transforming and HPE is at the forefront of this, delivering leading solutions for workloads that require fault-tolerant availability and massive scalability. HPE and Edgenexus are able to reduce the complexities and costs associated with legacy load balancing solutions and allow customers to deploy mission-critical load balancing on highly reliable servers.”

Greg Howett

Edgenexus CEO

“Substantial international growth in our appliance business prompted a review of our offering. The mission-critical nature of our advanced technology combined with significant changes in the ADC marketplace increased demands on hardware appliances and their CPU capabilities,” says Edgenexus CEO Greg Howett. “The modern load balancer is a layer7 device that delivers a host of functionality beyond simple server redundancy, including traffic management, pre-authentication, application firewalling, encryption, and application acceleration. These features require the CPU processing power that only an advanced server can offer.”

Delivering ADC Software on High-Availability HPE Servers

The custom software integrates with the HPE hardware, utilising the ILO (Integrated Lights Out management) card as well as the onboard storage to provide fault tolerance and easy management.

“The HPE OEM Program allows us to accelerate our speed-to-market in target regions and deliver exceptional service levels and break-fix support on a global basis.”

Greg Howett

Edgenexus CEO

He continues, “HPE has the ability to offer a same-day fix in all areas that we operate. In addition to this, HPE appliances can recover without the need for human intervention should a hardware component ever need to be replaced. With this functionality, even our most remote customers can be back up and running if they experience a failure in no time. It is this combination of superb HPE support and hardware that means we can offer a speed and quality of service unbeatable by any competitor.”

With HPE Foundation Care, Edgenexus is able to minimize the time spent on troubleshooting, monitoring, and remediating hardware issues while maintaining availability within limited budgets and resources. Edgenexus delivers its software on HPE ProLiant DL360 and HPE ProLiant DL20 Gen9 Servers, with customer support queries for software issues handled internally and hardware support calls redirected to HPE.

Improving the Customer Experience

Because load balancing is a mission critical requirement, the inclusion of HPE Foundation Care with each server is a major differentiator in the market for Edgenexus. “Our OEM relationship with HPE allows us to provide better hardware support than our competitors, and the reliability reputation of the HPE brand supports our sales efforts and helps customers choose load balancing solutions from Edgenexus,” says Howett.

He concludes, “Customers select load balancing solutions that never go down, and our participation in the HPE OEM Program allows us to deeply integrate our software with HPE hardware to deliver a high-level of performance customers may not otherwise get from a standards-based server solution. By partnering with HPE, we’re able to expand our business into smaller countries that wouldn’t have otherwise been economically viable to address, and broaden our global reach to increase our business growth.”

“Implementing a load balancing solution can be a daunting experience to many, but we uniquely offer ready-to-install solutions that can be deployed quickly and that provide a robust feature set. Customers can depend on the power of our software and the reliability of our HPE servers, and since hardware support calls are handled by HPE, our internal support resources can focus on providing fantastic support for software queries.”

Greg Howett

Edgenexus CEO

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