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When looking for a load balancing solution, Chime researched the market and evaluated a number of competitive products. “We tried to test as many options available on the market as possible. The Accelerating Load Balancer (ALB-X) from edgeNEXUS is certified by Microsoft for Exchange 2010 so seemed a good option. Having thoroughly evaluated all the leading solutions, edgeNEXUS stood out for us in three main areas; superb support, excellent ease of use and reasonable cost.” Carl Edwards, IT Manager, Chime Communications.

“The ALB-X is intuitive and incredibly easy to use, we had it set up, configured and running in minutes.”

Carl Edwards

IT Manager, Chime Communications

Edgenexus ALB-X: Cost Effective, Easy to Use, Great Support

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“The Edgenexus support team also worked closely with us throughout the testing phase, showing great enthusiasm towards the product and demonstrating its features. In comparison, we found it near impossible to get support and assistance from competitors during the evaluation phase. This experience highlighted to us how impressive the Edgenexus product is and how committed the team is to delivering great customer service.” Carl Edwards, IT Manager, Chime Communications.

“Fundamentally, Edgenexus offers us the scalability and resilience that we require for Exchange 2010. Set up was fast and simple and day to day maintenance is minimal.”

Carl Edwards

IT Manager, Chime Communications

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“Edgenexus is simple to use, extremely scalable and comes at the right price point, all of which make it a great fit for us.” 


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