The Customer

Nedforce is expert in Ruby on Rails development and hosting. Their Railscluster service delivers high performance hosting to clients, which is twice as fast as competitors and boasts an availability of 99.8%.

In fact, RailsCluster is the fastest and most reliable Ruby on Rails hosting platform in the Netherlands.

Nedforce Architect a Resilient, Fully Redundant Ruby on Rails Hosting Platform

When it came to designing the RailsCluster service, Roderick van Domburg, Chief Operating Officer of Nedforce, knew that a core requirement would be to architect a resilient, fully redundant hosting platform.

“We needed to provide a high performance and high availability service to our clients. Our previous platforms included reverse proxying in Apache to balance requests over a set of application servers, but this has a single point of failure and was not acceptable. What we really required was a HA load balancing solution to start out small, and scale up as RailsCluster became a success. We also wanted to take advantage of the application performance and acceleration benefits that load balancing would deliver.”

“Future readiness, value and ease of doing business with edgeNEXUS were key influencers in choosing the ALB-X.”

Roderick Van Domburg, COO, Nedforce

A Full Market Comparison

When looking for a load balancing solution, Nedforce investigated the market and considered products from edgeNEXUS, Coyote Point, Barracuda and Kemp.

However it was clear from evaluating the edgeNEXUS Accelerating Load Balancer Extreme, that as a next generation application delivery controller, the ALB-X fulfilled and exceeded RailsCluster’s requirements.

“The edgeNEXUS ALB-X featured all the capacity we projected to need in the foreseeable future, and represented excellent value for money, delivering advanced features such as built-in SSL Offload and HTTP Compression. We were impressed and swayed by the forward looking technology roadmap, and excellent sales and support conversations with edgeNEXUS staff.” Roderick van Domburg, COO, Nedforce. Nedforce purchased a pair of edgeNEXUS ALB_X’s and deployed them in a active/ active configuration at their data centre in Enschede, Netherlands.

Instant Fault Tolerance Upon Deployment

Roderick van Domburg discusses the immediate impact that the ALB-X’s have had since implementation.

“The edgeNEXUS ALB-X’s have been running brilliantly, and enable us to deliver a highly available and low latency hosting platform to our end users which is paramount.”

“HTTP compression is extremely useful. About 40% of our total traffic is compressed by the ALB-X, with an average compression ratio of 75%. This has reduced the server CPU load, cut latency enabled bandwidth savings.”

Roderick Van Domburg, COO, Nedforce

The active/active failover configuration eliminates any single point of failure, whilst features such as SLL Offload, Content Caching and HTTP Compression offer powerful performance benefits.

Content Compression is Integral to RailsCluster’s Fast and Responsive Service

“The HTTP Compression is extremely useful,” states Roderick. “About 40% of our total traffic is compressed by the edgeNEXUS ALB-X with an average compression ratio of 75%. This has reduced the server CPU load, cut latency and enabled bandwidth savings.” The ALB-X acceleration algorithms deliver compressed, optimised content for superb page delivery times, which is integral to maintaining a fast and responsive service.

“The edgeNEXUS ALB-X’s have been instrumental to the RailsCluster platform for Ruby on Rails hosting. Reliable, fast and future-ready, they truly are key to serving and accelerating our customer’s web pages.” Roderick van Domburg, COO, Nedforce.

“Most of our clients prioritise high availability and resilience over bare-metal performance, but RailsCluster easily handles 4Mbps and over.”

ALB-X flexibility enables RailsCluster to grow as a business without restriction

“Our overall experience with edgeNEXUS has been very positive. On the occasions where we have required support, the technical team have demonstrated a high degree of customer intimacy and understanding and have always been willing to go the extra mile for our satisfaction.” Roderick van Domburg, COO, Nedforce.

Looking to the future, Roderick discusses plans for expansion of the RailsCluster service, and how the edgeNEXUS solution will scale to meet increased demands.

“Since implementation, our end users have had a highly available and low latency hosting platform for their Ruby on Rails web applications.”

Roderick Van Domburg, COO, Nedforce

“RailsCluster is keen on attracting an ever greater number of Ruby on Rails hosting clients. We have architected the cluster in such a way that we can easily place additional cluster nodes in for the edgeNEXUS ALB-X’s to serve.” This increased flexibility enables RailsCluster to grow as a business without restriction.

“We have a good relationship with the edgeNEXUS engineers and look forward to experiencing and testing future ALB-X development.” Roderick van Domburg, COO, Nedforce

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