How edgeNEXUS is helping Police forces move to the cloud

edgeNEXUS has long been the prefered choice of load balancer for many police forces (even the College of policing use it)

Critical command and control systems that demand 100% uptime have used edgeNEXUS load balancers to ensure resilience and stability for many years.

Some vendors such as Saab recommend the edgeNEXUS load balancer for these critical applications where any download is unacceptable.

Head of technology for Saab – Johan Rook

“Saab has selected to use edgeNEXUS load balancers for all development and testing of their SAFE command, control and communications solution”

With the approval of clouds such as Azure for use with sensitive police force data and guidance from the National Enabling Programme more services are making the cloud migration and taking advantage of the cost savings it has to offer.

Essential email communication systems such as Exchange/SFB are now able to take advantage of the additional redundancy and scalability that a edgeNEXUS load balancers can provide in a hybrid setup.

The Move to the cloud

The government is planning invest upwards of £100m over the next 18 months in projects designed to help the police make better use of technology.

The money will be drawn from the Home Office’s Police Transformation Fund. It is expected that £70m will be invested during the 2018/19 year across four existing programmes.

The  National Enabling Programme, which aims to implement a unified national IT system that allows forces to work with one another more cohesively.

How to Load balance Office 365 in a Hybrid cloud exchange environment

This could migration is challenging and complex. We play a very small but important part of this by offering our load balancer for load balancing between data centers and within the private network for load balancing ADFS and Exchange. Of course we can load balance almost any application.

Many forces are adopting a Hybrid Cloud Setup for this email with Office 365. A hybrid active active setup offers unrivaled availability if setup correctly.

Many police forces are opting for a dual data center setup in Active Active using GSLB – (Global Server load balancing) between the sites.  The edgeNEXUS GSLB can provide geographical resilience as well as load balancing between the site.

It’s important to use a load balancer for hybrid exchange with office 365 as the ADFS server must be available to Office 365 to authenticate the users.

Once the user is load balanced with GSLB to a datatencer the internal edgeNEXUS load balancers can also be used to load balance the mailbox traffic as well as between multiple ADFS servers.

Why us?

edgeNEXUS are an international british company that specialise in ADC and load balancing. We have a vast experience in load balancing applications and have been a part of delivering many successful projects to Police forces. We partner with most of the key resellers in the UK and are also approved on G-Cloud.

We are a Microsoft Gold partner, VMware Technology partner and global HPE OEM load balancer partner.

Our products are available in the cloud as Physical appliances or as virtual appliance for Hyper-v and VMware.

Some of our valued police customers.

police loadbalance office365

Please see here for a typical simplified setup

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