Is GDPR fine or is GDPR fines? The jump from Minimum Viable Preparation (MVP) to Minimum Defendable Measures (MDM)

Posted on Thursday, August 8th, 2019

A lot of organisations took what’s best described as a MVP (Minimum Viable Preparation) approach in the run-up to the GDPR becoming effective in May 2018. This was understandable given a general lack of clear guidance, the cost and disruption of in-depth preparations, uncertainty over the impact of Brexit and the mixed messages regarding enforcement. […]

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A Web Application firewall can be a pain in the A*** but maybe its essential for GDPR ?

Posted on Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

Firewalls have been around for years, but Web Application Firewalls are much newer and despite the name very different!   So firstly what is a WAF? What does it do and why do I need one (or not)? Quite simply a normal firewall will open up ports to allow traffic from the outside world access to […]

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