Cisco ACE End of Life – Free Migration service

Cisco ACE End of Life

Cisco ACE End of Life – Free Migration service to jetNEXUS


edgeNEXUS, a leading provider of next generation load balancing, Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and  Multi cloud/ Hybrid cloud data center load balancing solutions announce today the launch of  a Free load balancer migration service to help provide a smooth transition for Cisco Ace (and other) users.


Back in 2012 Cisco announced it was going to End of Life its ACE range of products but since then many customers have not migrated to an alternative solution.


Time is now of the essence as from April 21st 2018 It is no longer possible to order support for the Cisco ACE load balancer, in addition support will be completely terminated on 31 Jan 2019.


Given the Critical nature of this technology from both a security and deployment perspective many businesses are now looking for their next move. Probably with some dread as these devices were in many cases configured and  installed a long time ago by “Bob” who then left the company in x. Since then the policy has been Don’t touch the load balancers as no one knows how to fix them !!!! This is not an uncommon cry!


The good news is that load balancers and indeed advanced load balancers sometimes called  ADCs (Application Delivery Controllers) have been getting more powerful and feature rich whilst at the same time getting easier to use.


Vendors such as edgeNEXUS with the jetNEXUS range of ADCs have a strong focus on ease of use and manageability.


The jetNEXUS products offer a modern and intuitive real time web interface. Real time graphs that tell you about performance, whilst drag and drop functionality makes it easy to do what has traditionally been complex such as creating  layer 7 traffic management rules.


(Obviously you can still geek out on the 100% supported REST API for automation etc)


Its available in most formats from HPE supported hardware to VMware and Microsoft accredited hypervisors and of course Cloud such as Azure


So if you’re one of those companies with some Cisco ACE and you would like to move to something that is very easy to manage give us a call and we will migrate your configuration for FREE.


Our Free migration service  (from any LB verdor) consists of the following.


  • Review and understand what your existing config does
  • Talk about what you are using the load balancer for and any problems you have
  • Suggest potential improvements
  • Configure the new load balancers


This Free load balancer migration service is not just restricted to Cisco ACE but available for any load balancing vendor. If you have a large estate you could even speak to our partner iCyber who offers an excellent Security management tool called  iCyber-shield  that can automatically migrate f5 to jetNEXUS


For more information or a free trial/test drive please contact us UK: 0808 1645876 US: (866) 376-0175 or visit the website

Cisco Announcement here


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