iCyber and jetNEXUS integration

08/02/2018 Bucks,UK.

edgeNEXUS the developers of the jetNEXUS range of load balancers and security products and iCyber the developers of iCyber-shield announce today integration between the products.

The iCyber-Shield defence platform uses big data and machine learning to deliver complete oversight and management of an organisation’s online defence and ADC infrastructure.

Marco Essomba, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Founder of iCyber-Security Group, said, “Our strategic partnership with edgeNEXUS means our clients will strengthen their security, increase their business critical applications availability, and ensure that they have a robust solution to ensure that their digital assets are safe against the growing number of targeted cyber attacks.”

Avoiding legacy lock-in

Greg Howett (CEO edgeNEXUS) comments “ This is great for our customers, as many feel they are locked in to a specific legacy vendor that in some cases can be very expensive from an ongoing support and maintenance perspective”

“Some feel they don’t have the skills to migrate and try out other next generation technology”

iCyber-shield  has a feature that will automatically migrate config from legacy vendors such as F5 over to jetNEXUS thus reducing risk, time and cost. This automatic service together with their migration method can liberate customers with deep vendor lock in due to complex configuration rules such as irules. It will allow them to take advantage of next generation technology and benefit form simplification as well as cost savings. Ultimately they can be more agile with their choice of vendor.

About edgeNEXUSedgeNEXUS has offices in the UK, the United States and Malaysia. The company is passionate about building good value, high-performing load balancers that are feature-rich, easy to use and deliver real results. edgeNEXUS has an OEM agreement with HPE, helping organisations improve the performance, scalability and reliability of business critical online applications for a superb user experience.

About iCyber-Security Group: iCyber-Security is a leading edge UK based cyber security firm providing complete and cost effective digital protection solutions to SME’s. The company assists organisations with the creation and ongoing management of state of the art, client specific cyber security solutions designed to offer complete online protection from the growing threat of cyber-attacks. iCyber-Security leading product iCyber-Shield Cyber Defence Platform uses cognitive automation to react faster and defend better against cyber threats, at lower costs than currently possible with human technical resources.