WordPress and SSL Offload

Using Load Balancing Traffic Management Feature To Solve WordPress SSL Offload Issue .

WordPress is the most popular content management platform in
the world so you’d think that SSL offloading on to a load balancer would be
very common place and simple enough to execute. It seems it’s not as easy as
you would expect.

The key issue is that WordPress seems to hardcode URLS, so
in our case we are looking at
https://www.edgenexus.io. The issue is that
when the base page is sent as HTTPS, the links are still pointing to the HTTP
version of the site that the browser does not like.

A page loads, but without the correct formatting – it looks
like the CSS is not loaded.

We could not find an easy way to resolve this issue, so we
decided to use the edgeNEXUS flightPATH traffic management feature on the load

We created a management rule that will replace https://www.edgenexus.io
to https://www.edgenexus.io
only for pages that have a MIME type containing text. I have enclosed the pic
of the rule

Sure enough this works nicely. I wonder how others are
solving this WordPress SSL Offload issue?

It’s been documented that Google has made changes to its search
algorithm to give preference to more secure websites so this requirement may
well become more commonplace in the future.

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