I have just attended my first Cloud
Camp which was an excellent event to share and exchange ideas on Cloud

So What did I learn?

  • That I have a lot more to learn
    about cloud to be truly “current”.
  • You don’t have to be at a concert
    to swear on stage.
  • Others like containerisation and
    there are quite a few us us building platforms around it.
  • We still can’t decide if having
    our personal data such as medical records stored on servers in other countries
    is ok or not. Even if we could encrypt the data we would probably have to give
    the keys to the NSA anyway (not that they need keys to read encrypted data
    anyway – Maybe it’s just polite to ask?)
  • Reinforced my belief that the
    future is all about micro services. Companies providing simple and fast APIs to
    their services.
  • We need better fundamental OS
    security. We need object based security as ACL based security is now getting a
    bit out of date (just a little)
  • Relief that there is no generally
    accepted global standards for these Application services API that I don’t know
    about. That a foundation would probably take years to try and sort some out.
  • That no attendees present have
    been affected by the Ashley Madison data leak.
  • I need to get us more involved
    with Cloud foundry
  • Other people find open stack
    complicated and slightly unnecessary also.
  • The best way to remove a slice of
    pizza from a cheese glued pie without fingering all the slices is to go for 2
    slices at once and fold.
  • Never try and get the circle line
    from Bank station. It’s not there.
    Instead you are put into some massive tunnel and escalator complex that is the
    cross between an old Skool platform game and a post apocalyptic city.

Many thanks for the hosts Joe Baguley et al and
thanks to the sponsors for beer and pizza….I’ll be back


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