edgeNEXUS Revs Up Awareness for Azure Load Balancer with Microsoft


The edgeNEXUS Load Balancer is now available through the Azure Marketplace, enabling Microsoft customers to deploy feature-rich application delivery control technology which improves the performance, scalability and reliability of applications, in the cloud. We’re thrilled to be working so closely with the Azure team to launch edgeNEXUS in the Cloud. More info here: https://www.edgenexus.io/load-balancer/platform/microsoft-azure-load-balancer/


Looking to raise awareness of its brand and application on Azure, edgeNEXUS turned to Microsoft and the Go-To-Market Services team, who helped them become Azure Certified.

The Microsoft Go-To-Market Services team published a datasheet touting the benefits of jetNEXUS’ feature-rich application delivery control technology, then published a post on its Channel 9 blog to promote its application optimization benefits.

The Microsoft Go-To-Market Services team also facilitated online marketing campaigns on behalf of edgeNEXUS. Microsoft Go-To-Market Services gives app builders exclusive resources to help boost app exposure, improve app performance, and build better cloud businesses.

“Microsoft has really helped drive our brand and app awareness during the launch of our Advanced Load Balancer for Azure and introduced us to new markets.”
Greg Howett, CEO, edgeNEXUS

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