Govt. IT spending still not making it’s ways to British SMEs?


The Register running a story on lack of Govt. IT spending reaching British SMEs despite widely publicised drive to open up purchasing to smaller vendors and suppliers, rather than the same old faces.

At edgeNEXUS we’re starting to see things opening up, particularly in the NHS where our experience in load balancing and accelerating the delivery of Electronic Patient Records, together with ability to health-check the DICOM protocol, as well as Microsoft certifications, make us a great fit.

However, it’s defintiely the case in our sector of the market that the default choice for many public sector organisations is still simply the buy the biggest and most expesnive brand, irrespective of whether it’s needed to meet the actual requirements and despite the fact that TCO is likely to be five or six times that of the alternate offerings available. Hopefully this drive will lead more organisations to look closely at the options that can be provided by innovative, British SME vendors

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