Edgenexus Announces New Australian Distributor – SAPPLY

Edgenexus announces New Australian Distributor SAPPLY

London: 13/02/2022 – Edgenexus announces New Australian Distributor

We are delighted to announce the appointment of SAPPLY as our new Distribution partner in Australia.  In addition to Australia, SAPPLY will also develop and further strengthen our position and services supporting partners in both New Zealand and Singapore.

This new appointment is part of our growth strategy to deliver better local engagement and support in a number of territories.

SAPPLY is a burgeoning IT Distribution organisation across Asia Pacific who partner with vendors in implementing and executing their growth strategies in the region. With a broad channel in multiple markets and experience in the ADC space, SAPPLY are well poised to successfully launch and drive Edgenexus’ business in the region.

Greg Howett, CEO Edgenexus  “We are delighted to Partner with SAPPLY. They are a very capable organisation with significant experience in the ADC/Security space and obviously know the market very well”

“The ADC/load balancing and IT security market is rapidly growing and finding the right distribution partner that is aligned with our culture and ethos is key to providing a consistent partner and end user experience.”

Neil Woolley, a Director at SAPPLY, also welcomed the partnership:

“We are excited to bring Edgenexus on board. Their product complements our existing portfolio very well, Unlike legacy products, Edgenexus has been designed from the ground up so it is agile, cost effective and exceptionally easy to use and our reach and technical expertise in the ADC space makes their product a perfect fit.”

“Load balancing is a critical piece of the modern application infrastructure. Together with the right deployment environment it can allow applications to easily scale, whilst at the same time providing additional security and resilience.”

“Customers no longer have the patience to work with difficult to configure products. Although they need a fully-featured solution it needs to be delivered in an intuitive and easy-to-use format, so that it can be deployed quickly and reliably, with little or no training.”

About Edgenexus

Organisations around the world use Edgenexus Technology to ensure their applications are delivered to end users in a fast, secure and resilient way so that they can worry less and focus on delivering the right business outcomes.

Edgenexus solves the traditional, complexity-related problems associated with Advance load balancers and application firewalls. They offer market leading ease of use, without sacrificing features or performance.

Their products are backed up by outstanding support and customer care, delivered under a fair and cost effective pricing model.


With offices and warehouses located in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, SAPPLY is a leading Asia Pacific technology distributor, delivering an in-depth knowledge and expertise in cloud and data center networking, IoT connectivity and productivity tools. Offering a combination of a successful, experienced sales & marketing team and in house technical expertise, SAPPLY works with its vendor partners to help them grow in the Asia Pacific region. 

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