ADCs / Load Balancers present a great opportunity for channel partners

Some interesting new research out, highlighting the increasing need for Application Delivery Controllers / Load Balancers and the opportunity that represents for resellers.

And it’s right, customer requirements are growing enormously and yet this is a technology area that’s either new, or shrouded in mystery, for a lot of channel partners. If you want to better understand the technology, market, and opportunities, drop us a line at

The survey from Freeform Dynamics also found that just 27 percent of respondents have a form of Application Delivery Controller (ADC) in place, which it says presents “a huge opportunity” for resellers.

“Clearly for many of those surveyed, ADCs are still not on the radar. For resellers looking for emerging markets, an ADC solution could be a complementary sale alongside servers, storage and security, but few resellers understand the potential of such solutions or know how to sell them,” says Tony Lock, programme director at the research firm.

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