Compare F5 and Edgenexus load balancer below.

A Load Balancer/ADC that makes solving complex application delivery and security issues a breeze without breaking the bank.

(ADC Application Delivery Controller)

Solve complex application delivery & security issues. Configure and Deploy within seconds.

We know solving application delivery and security issues can be challenging.

Traditional load balancers are Complex, expensive and require a significant investment of time in order to use them. Mistakes are easy to make.

But with an intuitive, easy to use and cost effective Load Balancer/Application delivery Controller like Edgenexus, you can:

  • Solve complex application delivery and security issues with a breeze
  • Get up and run very quickly with our built in application templates
  • Use the unique integrated app store to expand capabilities
  • Support your cloud journey, whether on premise or a cloud migration
  • Conquer real-world application delivery challenges with easy to use traffic management
  • Get things done efficiently with our innovative next gen GUI, the easiest to use in the industry

Choose Edgenexus Load Balancer/ADC, and avoid the implications of system failure, reputation damage, and loss of money.

See how to setup Load balancing in under 2 minutes!

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Edgenexus is simple to use, extremely scalable and comes at the right price point, all of which make it a great fit for us.” 

COLT- Developer

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F5 have very capable load balancers and Application Delivery controllers

So do we, and its not just because we are better value 😉

Whilst Edgenexus and F5 big IP have comparable features, the implementation and design is very different. However, these are the 3 key differences:

1. Usability - Its easy to use!

  • We focus on making our products easy to use.
  • There is no point In having features that are so complicated that they are never used in production.
  • Unlike F5, an average user can configure Edgenexus easily, quickly and intuitively without needing any formal training.

2. Future proofing - ADP platform

  • Nobody can predict the future, and 2020 has taught us to expect the unexpected.
  • We have an integrated App store that allows you to build and deploy new applications and functionality In a fast and agile way, thus providing a platform to solve the problems of today and tomorrow.
  • Would you buy a computer that can only run a single application or a mobile phone without an app store?

3. Cost

  • The market has moved on since F5's heyday. Even large enterprises are under increasing pressure to deliver better value to the business without sacrificing features or performance.

  • We are typically able to save clients 35%-65% of the price of a comparable f5 solution. This is because we are a next generation platform and don't have to support legacy telco technology.

See how we stack up feature by feature

Feature F5 LTM Edgenexus ADC Notes
Application Traffic Management
Application Health Monitoring
Intelligent Load Balancing
Application Connection State Management
Denial-Of-Service (DoS) Protection WAF Add-On for Layer 7
Full Proxy Reverse Proxy & DSR
IP/Port Filtering
Key Management & Failover Handling
VLAN Segmentation
TCP/IP Optimisation
Application Protocol Support
IPv6 Gateway
Application Delivery Optimisation
RAM Cache & Compression
SSL Offload
Secure Application Delivery
SSL Visibility (Inbound/Outbound)
SSL/TLS Encryption Offload
Application Visibility & Monitoring
Performance Dashboard
High-Speed Logging
Programmable Infrastructure
iRules & iRules LX for Data Plane Programmability flightPATH
iApps for App-level Config Management and Deployment jetPACK
All Active Application Clustering With GSLB Add-On
On Demand Scaling Upgrade and Migrate your Support on Virtual Appliances. Full Performance via Hardware Appliances.
Multi-Tenancy Partitions & Route Domains Via Native Docker Containers
Customised Traffic Steering flightPATH
App Health Monitoring F5 use GTM. GSLB.
IP Geolocation
Auto Failover
DNS Caching & Resolving
DNS server
DNS server
IPv4/IPv6 Support
App Store integration
Run native docker apps
Write custom apps using the Forge

Just in case you were thinking

A: We have a 1 click migration tool to move f5 config over to the Edge platform so its painless and easy. (and mistake free!)
A: I-rules is cool – So is our traffic management solution flightpath, and of course it’s very easy to use. Check out this blog to see how its can compare
A: Don’t worry we partner with HPE and can offer 4h on site replacement for our hardware.
A: Yep – Click on the link below
A: We are on Azure, AWS, Google and we were one of the first on the VMware Cloud. We mitigate the cost and risks of cloud migration, and provide the intelligence to allow you to right size your cloud architecture. You can even transfer licences from our hardware or virtual appliances at no extra cost.
A: We’ve been around for 16 years and have thousands of customers that range from start-ups to mid-market, through to Global Enterprises and Public Sector organisations (e.g. Sony, Boeing, BA, NHS Trusts, Government and National Critical Infrastructure).

A Load Balancer/ADC you can rely on to achieve your business growth goals (and sleep at night)

The Edgenexus Load Balancer ADC offers Advanced functionality delivered in a flexible and very easy to use format.

The innovative next gen GUI is the easiest to use in the industry and ensures that simple setups can be configured and deployed within seconds whilst still providing the innovative tools needed to solve complex application delivery and security issues..

In addition the built in application templates allow you to get up and running very quickly with many popular applications.

The integrated security tools include SSL offload, Application pre-authentication (challenges the use to login before they get to the server) and a full WAF (Web Application Firewall)

Future proof

Our unique integrated app store provided future proofing as it provides the tools kit needed to solve future problems that you may not even consider today. Who knows what’s going to happen next year let alone 3-5 years?

New leading edge applications can be downloaded and run on the ADC microservices platform seamlessly integrated with the ADC and to top it off many are free.

Would you buy a mobile phone now that could not expand its use case by using an App Store?

To further provide future proofing Licences can be even moved between environments if your needs change such as cloud.

Your cloud partner

The Edgenexus Load Balancer/ADC can support your cloud journey, whether on premise only is more suitable or you are looking for cloud migration, Hybrid cloud or multi cloud, we are here to support you.

Edgenexus takes the pain and frustration out of application delivery and security. Delivering your applications to you users in a secure, scalable and highly resilience way wherever they are located.

As application architectures evolve, advanced load balancing is becoming ever more important. If you haven’t made the move yet, here are four reasons why you should.


Operating in an HA configuration, Edgenexus intelligently directs traffic among healthy servers in order to remove single-points-of-failure, optimise utilisation and guarantee always-available applications.

“Fundamentally, Edgenexus offers us the scalability and resilience that we require. If a host, switch or site fails, we know that there will be no disruption to service delivery.” Chime Communications.”


Features such as SSL Offload, Content Caching and Compression take process-intensive tasks away from servers, freeing them to deliver faster applications and a better end-user experience.

“The ALB-X has delivered an 18 second reduction in load time which enables us to provide a faster and more user friendly experience.” Newport City Homes


Edgenexus load balancers provide a future-proof platform that allows clients to scale services or deploy new applications seamlessly.

“Our business is always growing, and as such we’re likely to add more off-site servers for greater capacity and resiliency. Edgenexus load balancers enable us to expand our requirements both quickly and cost-effectively.” Addison Lee


Easy to deploy, configure and use, with an intuitive, drag and drop GUI that means even complex traffic manipulation policies can be implemented within minutes.

“The level of administration, management and monitoring offered by Edge ADC is far superior to all the alternative solutions we considered. In fact the Edgenexus appliance is simpler to maintain and use than the F5 and Citrix NetScaler solutions used in other SDL locations.” SDL

Edgenexus is the most powerful and easiest to use Load Balancer /ADC Application Delivery Controller available

Our ADC Load Balancer allows you to easily implement and manage security, traffic, SSO/Pre-authentication and, of course, load balancing.

Fully supporting your cloud load balancing strategy. From no cloud, hybrid cloud, single cloud to multi cloud.

High Performing, Next-Gen Load Balancer

  • Layer 4-7 Load Balancing

  • Pre-Authorisation and Single Sign-On

  • Reverse Proxy

  • Advanced Server Health Monitoring

  • Web Application Firewall

  • Powerful SSL Offload

  • Application Acceleration

  • Traffic Manipulation

Unprecedented Ease Of Use

Our intuitive interface makes configuration a fast, painless experience for experts and novices alike. We’re proud to offer the features you need in a format you can use.

Total Flexibility with easy to use traffic management

Our load balancers offer more than simple server redundancy. Conquer real-world application delivery challenges with intelligent easy to use traffic management.

Why Choose Edgenexus ADC?

Intuitive GUI, auto-config and superb user experience in a scalable, cost-effective package. Edgenexus load balancers make complex technology simple.

Why Do You Need a Load Balancer?

Deliver resilient and responsive services with granular control over your application traffic. Edgenexus load balancers give you the power to do more.





For Your Mission Critical Applications

Edgenexus works alongside leading technology partners to deliver compatible and certified load balancing solutions for your business applications.

Maximum Platform Flexibility

Deliver resilient and responsive services with granular control over your application traffic. Edgenexus load balancers give you the power to do more.

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