By now, you would have heard of the latest high-impact Apache log4j Vulnerability that is impacting some of the biggest, public-facing systems globally. You can find details of the Apache log4j vulnerability at the following public links:

Are Edgenexus products affected?

No. None of the Edgenexus products are vulnerable to the Apache log4j exploit.

Protecting against the Apache log4j exploit using flightPATH?

The great engineers at Edgenexus have done this for you. You can download the Jetpack zipped file using the link below.

Unzip and save the file to your local machine, and import it into your Edgenexus EdgeADC through Advanced > Configuration.

This will create the three flightPATH rules needed to protect against Apache log4j.

flightPATH rules created

Once uploaded, you can then apply to your ingress VIPs.

Job done! It’s that easy with Edgenexus!

Protecting against the Apache log4j exploit using EdgeWAF?

Using the Edgenexus EdgeWAF, you can protect your systems against exploitation through the Apache log4j vulnerability.

What if I am not an Edgenexus user?

If you are not an EdgeADC customer, you can download our EdgeADC on a 14-day fully-functional trial while you sort your systems out.