edgeNEXUS brings feature-rich, enterprise-class application delivery technology to the masses with the most user-friendly load balancer on the market…Introducing the ALB-X v4

What’s New?

The ALB-X v4 delivers significant feature and performance enhancements. With an emphasis on both usability and high performance, we’ve focused on simplifying the complexity surrounding advanced load balancing to combine enterprise-class, feature-rich load balancing with a refreshingly simple and intuitive user experience.

NEW: Clustering

Users can now seamlessly deploy multiple edgeNEXUS load balancers in a “cluster pool” for service resilience and scalability. An automatic synchronisation feature immediately replicates configuration settings onto clustered appliances for ease of use and fast deployment.

  • Deploy in HA Pairs or Clusters – either Active-Passive or Active-Active
  • Eliminate single points of failure for high availability of services
  • Cluster together as many edgeNEXUS appliances as required
  • Auto-Synchronisation of config information for super-fast deployment

NEW: Geo-Location Traffic Management

Geo-location is the latest addition to our flightPATH, Layer7 traffic management feature. You can create rules based on a user’s country location and make intelligent routing decisions.

For example: Geo-location can be used on a website to detect users from France and implement a policy to redirect them to a specific page, rewrite the HTML content, or serve them from a particular server pool

  • Intelligent, powerful and granular control over service delivery
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop rule management

NEW: Interface

v4 features a new user interface which elegantly combines modern, clean design with a refined and intuitive navigation. The interface offers unprecendented ease-of-use, and is exponentially quicker for executing day-to-day management tasks such as creating services, adding flightPATH rules or applying server health monitors.

  • Deployment is a fast, painless experience for experts and novices alike
  • Simple to configure and straight forward to manage
  • Advanced reporting and real-time status updates
  • Drag and drop functionality, auto-complete and configuration wizard

Still Want More?

How about these enhancements?

  • 64bit edgeNEXUS Software
  • Improved SSL Management
  • Configurable Monitoring Timers
  • Seamless Updates
  • Status Page
  • Multi-Threaded Server Monitoring

ALB-X v4 is available as a flexible virtual appliance, powerful hardware and cloud for Azure workloads.