What’s New in Version 4.2.0?

With an emphasis on both usability and high performance, the ALB-X V4.2.0 represents our most epic release to-date. Launching a wealth of new application delivery features and significant performance enhancements.

NEW: Web Application Firewall

The edgeNEXUS Application Firewall incorporates industry leading, hardened firewall technology to provide Layer 7 application protection for your web-based applications. Satisfy PCI-DSS and OWASP application firewall requirements.

  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • SQL Injection
  • Session Hijacking
  • Data Loss Prevention

NEW: Pre-Authentication and Single Sign-On

Prevent unauthenticated and untrusted traffic accessing your internal resources and services with edgeNEXUS Pre-Authentication.

Improve user experience with Single Sign-On (SSO), which challenges a user only once for access to multiple back-end applications.

  • Apply SSO Over Multiple Virtual Services & Applications
  • Client Side: Form or Basic Authentication
  • Server Side: NTLM / Basic Support
  • Multiple Conditions
  • Microsoft TMG Replacement
  • Upload Custom Forms From GUI
  • Authentication Protocol LDAP / LDAPS
  • Security Logging


NEW: Docker and Containerisation

We like Docker, and the concept of Containerisation as a whole. edgeNEXUS Load Balancers can now act as a Docker Host, allowing you to run a wealth of Docker Apps direct from your edgeNEXUS deployment.

What can you do with this?

Leveraging the power of Containerisation in conjunction with Application Delivery Controller technology enables organisations to build a robust yet flexible Application Delivery Platform (ADP) to serve the diverse and demanding needs of its users. How about configuring multi-tenancy for edgeNEXUS Load Balancers, or deploying a containerised Web Application Firewall.

NEW: Custom Dashboards

Create, add and resize your own dashboards. Automatically save your favourite graphs and arrange them with ease with drag-and-drop functionality.

  • Configure widgets and display on dashboard
  • Drag and drop customisation
  • Resize and move dashboards
  • Pause live data

NEW: Load Balancing Policy

The latest version of the edgeNEXUS load balancer now includes a Fastest Server load balancing policy based on dynamic response time of the traffic.

Users can also apply weighting to a server that also uses the Fastest server load balancing policy.

NEW: Fully Functional REST API

Control and configure your edgeNEXUS load balancer automatically with a fully featured REST API – ideal for service providers.

NEW: Cloud Services Manager

The edgeNEXUS Cloud Services Manager is a secure interface between the edgeNEXUS load balancer and any cloud based service. This is the first edgeNEXUS ALB-X release with the ability to ‘dial home’ to run a number of services including:

  • Check and download new cloud based software updates
  • Check to see if an ALB-X is still in support
  • Check to see if an ALB-X has a valid licence
  • Automatically show purchased Apps on an ALB-X
  • Download new security rules

NEW: edgeNEXUS App Store

The edgeNEXUS App Store is a marketplace dedicated to the latest application networking solutions and services including Software Defined Networking (SDN), Application Delivery Control technology (ADC), Security, Containerisation, Network Function Virtualisation (NFV), Big Data and the IoT.

  • Browse a host of network, security and load balancing plugins
  • Unlock additional functionality for your edgeNEXUS load balancer
  • Deploy apps directly onto your load balancer
  • Set up a new Application Delivery Platform

Additional Features

If all of the above wasn’t enough, here are some more new features for the edgeNEXUS load balancer v4-2-0

  • IPv6 Load Balancing
    The edgeNEXUS load balancer can now act as an IPv6 to IPv4 gateway
  • Server Name Indication
    Thanks to new SNI capabilities, users can load balance applications that need SNI such as ADFS v3.0 and present multiple certificates on the same service, helping to preserve dwindling IPv4 address space.
  • UDP Proxy
    The edgeNEXUS Reverse Proxy connectivity method now features a full native UDP Proxy
  • Historical Graphing
    The edgeNEXUS load balancer offers historical graphing to enable users to report on a number of variables including response time, requests per second, specific servers. These graphs can be overlaid for simple comparison between services.