Register Sales Opportunities For Monthly Prizes.

To register a qualified sales opportunity, please complete the form below, providing as much information as possible. Once submitted, you will receive an email confirmation and a member of the edgeNEXUS team will respond within 3 business days to let you know whether your registration has been approved. Registrations are valid for 60 days and may be extended upon application.

In order for a deal registration to count towards the Leaderboard competition a Softcat Account Manager and Network Security contact must be attributed to each deal.

To Qualify for Deal Registration

We ask that partners ensure their prospect completes one of the following activities:

  • A free trial
  • A technical demo with edgeNEXUS
  • A sales call with edgeNEXUS

Register your opportunity now:

Softcat Account Manager:
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Decision Timeframe:

Softcat Account Manager Email:
Assigned NetSec Contact:

Softcat Leaderboard Competition Terms and Conditions

Competition start date: 01/11/15
Competition end date: 31/01/16
Competition is open to all Softcat Account Managers and NetSec Managers.

Registered Opportunities Prize

Awarded to both the Softcat Account Manager and Softcat NetSec Manager with the highest number of registered opportunities that month. Deal registrations are subject to approval from a edgeNEXUS Account Manager and will be tallied on the Leaderboard.

Closed Revenue Prize

Awarded to both the Insight Account Manager and Insight Client Director / Sales Manager who generate the highest amount of closed revenue accumulated over the quarter (01/11/15 to 31/01/16).

New business licence and support deals are eligible. Support-only deals are not eligible and will not count towards total. A minimum revenue of £5,000 applies per reward.

For further clarification on any competition rules please email your edgeNEXUS account manager.