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Q1 Newsletter – Easter special

Load balancing, Application Security and Delivery

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Welcome to our first newsletter of the year and what a year 2018 has been so far, not only did we change the company name, we built a tonne of new technology and announced some fantastic new customers and partnerships
2018 is not going to be any different as we have been foot to the floor developing new products and features and will be released shortly!
Thanks for all your support and Happy easter!
Greg and the team 
BTW – For the OldSkool geeks, There is a hidden easter Egg in this email 😉 -Enjoy!
Some news and highlights below.. 

Free – Fully Integrated Web Application Security and training environment

We have great pleasure in announcing the general availability of our Free Web Application Firewall (WAF) Test drive demo and tutorial.

With this test drive it is possible to try hacking and defending our sample web server or even your own website if you’re brave! (with permission from the boss of course 🙂 )

The WAF Testdrive and tutorial comes complete with all the Web application testing tools you need (all built in) as well as pre-configured demo setup.

The jetNEXUS WAF is a first of its kind and the only product to provide a completely integrated WAF testing and deployment platform

BTW The Free test drive can be deployed online in minutes.

Its provisioned as a Testdrive in Azure (no account required)

NEW – Hybrid Cloud GSLB

Load balancing across Clouds, Across datacenters, Hybrid Cloud even across countries!

Also,  it makes migrating apps to the cloud Very easy.

The jetNEXUS ADC combined with the GSLB makes migrating to the cloud a breeze

Dynamically route users as you migrate, Change URLs and even content on the fly to point to your new location.

Even load balance and route based on Geo location or browser language!

Find out more or Testdrive online


FREE ADC Demo and tutorial online
Try our a next generation load balancer the easy way. (online with a full test environment)
Load balancers have evolved into ADC’s but what is the real difference?
Explore traffic management and application control.
Click here and you will be provisioned with an ADC online with a tutorial and test environment!


Its still us:   but with a Rebrand –
jetNEXUS is now called edgeNEXUS to further align with Edge Computing and IoT technology. Just to confuse things our ADC products are still called jetNEXUS. 
Why? Find out more about Edge computing below 

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What’s New

FREE WAF Tutorial and test

Learn about Web Application Firewalls (WAF) in a complete tutorial  and test environment  provisioned online in seconds.

iCyber Security:

Manage all your security device from one view. Create actions and alerts Automatically migrate config from One LB vendor Such as f5 to jetNEXUS 😉

Competition time

Win Tickets to the UK Grand Prix here. 
Download our Channel Pulse Enablement app here to be entered.

A Web Application firewall can be a pain in the A*** but maybe its essential for GDPR ?

Firewalls have been around for years, but Web Application Firewalls are much newer and despite the name very different!


Check out these Handy security testing tools

Damn Vulnerable Web App (DVWA) is a web application that is damn vulnerable


Web Application Attack Tool is a vulnerability scanner based on OWASP ZAP


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