edgeNEXUS/ Tech Data Press release

Sept 11th 2019

We are delighted to announce that global application delivery experts edgeNEXUS have signed a sole UK distribution agreement with Tech Data.

The agreement will allow Tech Data to distribute the edgeNEXUS Load Balancing/ADC, Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) and Web Application Firewall (WAF) solutions.

As a result, all Tech Data customers in the UK will now have access to a next generation application delivery vendor with the distinctly disruptive approach of making advanced load balancing and WAF (Web Application Firewall) technology competitive, innovative and always exceptionally easy to use.

Their products are available as a hardware appliance, a virtual appliance or in the cloud, giving total flexibility. Importantly, their one-click migration tool makes moving from legacy vendors seamless and risk free. Also of note, edgeNEXUS has an OEM relationship with HPE and is therefore able to offer unsurpassed support leveraging HPE’s global service.

edgeNEXUS’ embedded App Store allows easy access to new pre-configuration templates, server health monitors and traffic management rules.  In addition, the integrated microservices platform allows vendors and customers to build and run containerised applications on the device thus delivering true edge computing capability. The humble load balancer has evolved into a future proofed Application Delivery Platform.

edgeNEXUS WAF is seen an important addition to Tech Data’s portfolio given the increasing security and regulatory pressure to secure applications appropriately (e.g. GDPR & PCI DSS).

edgeNEXUS will work in partnership with Tech Data to provide their customers with the highest level of support across the engagement lifecycle, building upon edgeNEXUS’ support ethos of being tenacious, knowledgeable and passionate at all times.

Asked to comment, Greg Howett, CEO of edgeNEXUS said:

“I see this as the start of a beautiful relationship as the application delivery and WAF market is experiencing significant growth and this partnership with Tech data will allow us to bring our innovative technology to the wider market through their valued channel network whilst also ensuring a continuation of the personal and attentive service which our existing customers are used to receiving.”

“We revel in the dichotomy of building innovative application delivery technology that is feature rich, future proof and flexible whilst ensuring its always easy to use and cost effective. It’s this challenge that drives us forward.”

About edgeNEXUS

edgeNEXUS is an established global vendor of advanced load balancing and Web Application Firewall (WAF) products that are feature rich, innovative and easy to use. Their customers range from some of the largest organisations in the world to budget sensitive startups with big dreams. They are Headquartered out of London and Boston.