edgeNEXUS for Healthcare

Accelerate application performance and optimise availability, enabling clients to deliver resilient and scalable services.

edgeNEXUS has been working with healthcare partners for a number of years and understands the unique challenges they face. Indeed, most UK electronic patient records are passed through edgeNEXUS appliances for resilience and speed.

The simplicity and scalability of edgeNEXUS load balancing solutions makes them accessible to the majority of the healthcare market. edgeNEXUS is deployed in a range of organisations from large NHS trusts and hospitals to much smaller healthcare institutions.

Case Study

Medical Imaging Consultants

edgeNEXUS ALB-X becomes a key component of Medical Imaging Consultant’s (MIC) service delivery, helping ensure always available imaging archiving services to end users.


edgeNEXUS technology has built an awareness of the leading protocols used in medical imaging, such as DICOM, and is frequently deployed as a key component to load balance and accelerate PACS servers. edgeNEXUS is committed to supporting the Digital First initiative by continuing to provide innovative solutions for delivering health care applications to users.

edgeNEXUS Load Balancers:

  • Guarantee Service Delivery
  • Improve End User Experience
  • Increase Network Resilience
  • Easy-To-Use, Yet Feature-Rich
  • Implement Traffic Routing Rules
  • Cost Effective, Scalable, Future Proof
  • Simple, Straightforward Licencing
  • Unlimited Throughput
  • Quick To Deploy, Easy To Manage, Instant Results
  • Virtual Appliance, ISO Software or Powerful Hardware