The Customer

Robinsons Country Leisure is the UK’s number one provider of equestrian products.

A recent drive to encourage more customers to place their orders online, accompanied with hugely successful online promotional days had resulted in increased volumes and spikes of traffic to Robinson’s ecommerce site.

Ensuring that the site delivers a fast and fluid experience for its visitors is paramount and the significant growth in web traffic triggered the need for a more performant and stable web service.

“We needed to increase the performance of our current web offering by adding in additional servers and a solution both to improve the experience for our customers and also to add a layer of fault tolerance.” Mike Church, IT Manager, Robinsons.

Mike comments, “Prior to the solution our infrastructure was unstable to the point where sheer demand could cause the website to fail.”

“The ALB-X is brilliant. From testing to implementation and going live, it has exceeded our expectations & delivered.”

Mike Church, IT Manager, Robinsons Country Leisure

The Challenge

Having investigated the market, Robinsons Country Leisure purchased a HA pair of edgeNEXUS Accelerating Load Balancer Extreme devices, combining the functions of layer 7 load balancing, web acceleration, compression, SSL Offload and content caching in one comprehensive solution.

“We searched the entire market and could not find anything which came close on a price/performance basis. The appliances were delivered Ready to Run reconfigured to our specific environment thus enabling us to drop them straight in to our network. We can not be in a position where the load balancers are a single point of failure so running the ALB-X as an active/active pair is perfect.” Mike Church, IT Manager, Robinsons.

An Immediate Impact Upon Deployment – edgeNEXUS ALB-X Delivers!


The ALB-X has the ability to add, remove and drain servers from the pool interactively. “With the ability to add web servers at the click of a mouse to service additional load as and when needed, we now have superb flexibility within our service provision and the ability to grow as a business without restriction.” Mike Church, IT Manager, Robinsons.


“Prior to installing this solution, we were not as stable as we should have been. However, since deployment, the Robinsons website has experienced no downtime at all. The best result has been this increased stability which has really strengthened our brand performance.” Mike Church, IT Manager, Robinsons.


Thanks to the ALB-X’s highly efficient acceleration algorithms, Robinson’s have experienced a dramatic reduction in the time taken for web pages to download. Their ecommerce platform now delivers a faster, more responsive service to customers, thus increasing customer loyalty. IT manager Mike Church reflects on the profitable business benefits that this has had: “Our web promotion days are now exceeding a quarter of a million pounds a day and we would not have achieved this without edgeNEXUS.”

“It is one of the few bits of kit I have got which I do not have to monitor day in day out. They’re just fire and forget….perfect!

The ALB-X now forms a critical part of our web infrastructure.”

Mike Church, IT Manager, Robinsons Country Leisure

The Overall Experience with edgeNEXUS Tenacious Support

“Our overall experience with edgeNEXUS has been excellent and the support that we have received has been second to none. The edgeNEXUS technical team know their product inside out and always deliver on their deadlines.”

Looking to the future Robinsons are keen to take advantage of the content caching feature of the ALB-X and are already making plans to add additional servers to their farm.

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