The Customer

Over the last 80 years, Miller Homes has established a reputation for delivering high-quality, sustainable family homes, as well as excellent customer service. The housebuilder operates across the UK, providing a variety of properties to meet the needs of a wide range of purchasers at all stages of the property ladder.

The Challenge

The implementation of a new ERP system drove Miller Homes’ initial requirement for a load balancing solution which would guarantee high availability and optimise application performance. “As soon as the plans were laid for the roll out of our new ERP application we knew that load balancing would play an integral role in ensuring service resiliency and scalability for our business-critical services. Ultimately we intended to run ERP, directory services (LDAP) and enterprise content management through the load balancers, so we needed a solution that would scale with new application deployments and cope with increasing levels of traffic,” said Steven Robson, Infrastructure Support Analyst, Miller Homes.

“Here at Miller Homes we needed a load balancing solution that was going to be reliable and simple to use for quick deployment – edgeNEXUS provides the perfect solution for us.”

Steven Robson, Infrastructure Support Analyst, Miller Homes

The Solution

Miller Homes required a load balancer that would fit within their virtual environment and run on Hyper-V. Previous experience with edgeNEXUS hardware appliances combined with a glowing recommendation from their ERP integration partner made switching to edgeNEXUS virtual load balancers a natural choice. “Ultimately, edgeNEXUS offered us the feature set, high availability and simplicity we required without sacrificing performance. This was reason enough to deploy. Furthermore, our budget and time constraints for this project meant that speed of deployment, ease-of-use and cost were key influencing factors in our decision. We are pleased to say that edgeNEXUS provides the perfect solution for us on all counts,” added Steven.

edgeNEXUS Selected for Reliability, Ease-of-Use and Cost Effectiveness

Since deployment edgeNEXUS has enabled Miller Homes to consistently deliver a resilient, secure and fast ERP service to its users. Features such as intelligent traffic management and advanced server health monitoring provide Miller Homes with greater control over their application delivery, giving them a valuable insight into the status of real servers, application health and per service hit/traffic statistics. “The ALB-X ensures rock solid reliability in the event of server failure. edgeNEXUS guarantees zero disruption to application delivery and the restoration of services is seamless. This failover functionality, combined with sophisticated traffic control ensures an outstanding user experience,” continued Steven.

“edgeNEXUS load balancers have massively simplified application delivery for us and lowered the total cost of ownership for Miller Homes.”

Steven Robson, Infrastructure Support Analyst, Miller Homes

Usability and manageability were concerns for Miller Homes when deciding upon a suitable solution. “Thanks to features like clustering, edgeNEXUS is incredibly fast to deploy and configure. The new architecture allows us to easily add additional virtual servers in one place and the clustering feature ensures that the configuration is replicated automatically to the standby load balancer, making deployment a fast and painless experience. The intuitive interface simplifies day-to-day management and requires no specialist load balancing expertise to master. This has massively simplified application delivery for us and lowered the total cost of ownership for Miller Homes,” said Steven.

Overall Experience

“The product is excellent and the support we’ve received from the initial pre-sales engagement, right through to operational technical assistance is brilliant. We can call at anytime, confident that we’ll be speaking to someone who knows the solution inside out and will be able to answer our questions. That said, we’ve had very little need for technical support since our deployment. The load balancers simply work.”

“I often describe edgeNEXUS load balancers as ‘boring’. This is a positive thing. Nobody wants an exciting or eventful load balancer. It’s rare for us to have to do anything with the load balancers – they just simply work.”

Steven Robson, Infrastructure Support Analyst, Miller Homes

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