What Is DevOps?

DevOps is a heavily overused term with a broad definition, referring at times to a culture, a work methodology or a job remit.

DevOps defines the interaction and collaboration between development and operations. It is often linked to an “agile” methodology and culture applied to an operations process in order to support the development process, and can even refer simply to using automation in the development, testing and deployment of applications.

There has been, and continues to be, a large focus on the creation and deployment of environments, especially in relation to testing and staging. This has traditionally been complex and time consuming. The DevOps movement has had a significant impact here by utilising and integrating a number of powerful technology areas such as Virtualisation, Containerisation, SDN and API (such as REST).

There are now many excellent tools such a Puppet that make a great contribution toward the DevOps movement.

DevOps Solutions

DevOps and edgeNEXUS

Traditionally load balancers and Application Delivery Controller (ADC) technology has played a big part in DevOps.

Modern, Layer 7 proxy-based load balancers can be used to direct traffic to different servers based on a number of parameters above and beyond just their health.

The configuration of advanced load balancers can be programmatically changed by using REST API that can also be integrated into DevOps systems.