edgeNEXUS delivers an outstanding,  cost-effective and easy-to-use Load Balancer for DICOM-based applications.

edgeNEXUS technology has a built an awareness of the DICOM network communication protocol used in medical imaging technologies and is frequently used as a key component in highly-available PACS deployments.

Simple to deploy, configure, manage and maintain, the edgeNEXUS Load Balancer for DICOM has the ease-of-use of a plug-and-play solution, but the performance capabilities and resilience to meet even the most demanding traffic profiles.

Key Benefits:

  • Cost Effective and Scalable
  • Automatic Configuration Template
  • Full Reverse Proxy
  • Simple, Straightforward Licencing
  • Hardware or Virtual Appliance
  • Quick To Deploy, Easy To Manage, Instant Results


Case Study

“We installed the edgeNEXUS with maximum ease and minimum disruption. It works behind the scenes to ensure that our mission critical application services run seamlessly.” MIC