Why Choose Edgenexus?

We are not the only load balancing company out there, so why choose to work with us?

Because we are 'Easy'

We are fanatical about making our solutions easier to Deploy Customise Manage Secure Expand

Application delivery solutions have always been dogged by unnecessary complexity. This is a hidden barrier, but one that typically means that only a fraction of the possible features makes it into an organisation’s production environment.

We think that this risks a massive waste of potential value and that’s why our goal is to always offer exceptional usability.

What does 'Easy' look like?


An intuitive GUI that’s run from a single pane of glass


Simple navigation with
drag and drop


Real-time Status Updates


Auto-deployment and Autocomplete


No Coding needed for L7 Traffic Management


Well documented

Even our Pricing Models are Simple to Understand!

On top of all this, our customers and partners tell us that we are easy to do business with.

Don’t take our word for it, check out the FREE online Test Drive

We Innovate (Like Crazy!)

As a product company, Innovation is at the heart of what we do. It's impossible to break the norm of complicated, expensive load balancers and ADC’s, without significant innovation.

Innovation is also the best guarantee of present and future relevance for both Edgenexus and our customers.

We do a lot different things but here are some of the highlights:


Our easy to use yet comprehensive Layer7 traffic management tool:

Create traffic magic by easily controlling, identifying and transforming requests or responses.

There’s no coding required.

The Appstore

We’ve turned the humble load balancer into a future-proofed application delivery platform.

Our Appstore leverages secure containerisation to deliver the ultimate in customisation and expandability. 

Customers can find a growing list of Applications, Micro-Services, Quick Deployment Templates, Server Health Modules, Pre-written Traffic Management Rules, most of which are FREE.

One-Click Migration

We know it can seem daunting to migrate from complex deployments (e.g. F5). That’s why we have a one-click migration tool: It does what it says on the tin. 

You can break free from the legacy lock-in. You can change any time you want.

We Love Partnerships

Our technology relationships matter: We have the Accreditations, Partnerships and Validations, that you’d expect, with all the leading vendors. This provides assurance that our solutions are tested and integrated at source.

Rock Solid Hardware from HPE

All our hardware appliances are provided by HPE, offering outstanding Quality, Support and Manageability. We are the only HPE OEM Load balancer.

It’s all about People,
Happy People.

People matter a lot. A happy and friendly team are here to help you. We are Responsive, Knowledgeable and Truly Care. Load balancers/ADC are critical to your application success We know that!

Our Customers

You’ll Be In Good Company

See what People are saying about our Edgenexus Load Balancer

Overall (4.9/5)

Ease of Use (5/5)

Customer Service (4.9/5)


Edgenexus is simple to use, extremely scalable and comes at the right price point, all of which make it a great fit for us.” 


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We'll look after you

We have the People, Processes and Technology to deliver a fantastic service to our global customer base.

24 x 7 x 365

Whether you just need some advice or it’s one of those times when you need a speedy resolution, our team has the passion, resources and grit to always go the extra mile for our customers

So Why do Organisations Choose Edgenexus?

It’s typically because they have tried us first. If you’re still not convinced by what you see, then maybe download a virtual appliance trial or take a Test Drive on Azure today. Both are free and we’ll even provide email support.


We would Love to hear from you

(People say we are knowledgeable and friendly but you can be the judge of that)

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