SSL Offload is the termination/decryption of SSL requests on the Load Balancer, rather than on the application server.

Particularly in today’s world of 2048-bit keys, SSL transactions are resource intensive and severely hamper application performance. Offloading SSL termination to jetNEXUS allows you to centrally manage your certificates and frees up your servers to focus on delivering the application, rather than decrypting SSL. In addition, when paying for application licensing on a per-CPU basis, pushing this CPU-intensive workload onto jetNEXUS allows you to deliver real Return on Investment.

As well as SSL Offload, edgeNEXUS also allows you to either “Pass-Through” SSL Connections, or to de-crypt and then re-encrypt SSL on the Load Balancer and pass on traffic securely to the back-end servers.

Greater Performance

The latest load balancer release from edgeNEXUS features a more efficient SSL engine cutting CPU usage by 30% without degrading SSL performance.

New Server Name Identification (SNI) Functionality

Thanks to new SNI capabilities, users can present multiple certificates on the same service, helping to preserve dwindling IPV4 address space.

SSL Offload by EdgeNEXUS

The performance benefits alone make edgeNEXUS an invaluable asset to our infrastructure.

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